Wine Journey Room


We've travelled to the four corners of this continent in our quest for the best Australian wines. Over the course of our wine adventures, three things occurred to us that helped inspire the Wine Odyssey.


Easier access to the Best Australian Wines
The first was that, as beautiful as this country is, wouldn't it be great if you could access these Premium Wines without a 4x4 and a fortnight's holiday? And without having to kiss 14 frogs to find 1 wine prince?

Wine Appreciation - without the snobbery
The second observation was that while Australians love wine, our enjoyment of it tends to plateau early. And there is a reluctance to expand our appreciation because few environments allow us to do this without fear of intimidation and snobbery.

Challenges for Premium Winemakers
The third revelation was that Australia's Best Independent Winemakers were facing significant challenges. Consider these three facts:
• Two companies in Australia account for 45% of all wine sales.
• The top 22 wine companies account for 90% of total sales.
• The remaining 2,146 wine makers compete for just 10% of sales.
Why should we worry? Because if these great winemakers don't survive, the quality Australian wine will drastically decline.


Preserving and promoting Premium Wine
It's good that wine is affordable for all. But there should also be a place for great wine, distinctive wine, premium wine. And now there is. That place is called Wine Odyssey Australia.

Our three fervent desires

Wine Odyssey was inspired by three fervent desires:

1. Access - We want more people to enjoy Australia's best wines without having to fire up the GPS.

2. Appreciation - We want a place where wine novices can feel comfortable extending their enjoyment of wine. And where established wineophiles can take their appreciation up a notch.

3. Preservation – We want to provide a showcase for Australia's best winemakers. It's only through their survival that we can all continue to find our way to wine's outermost pleasures.