The Wine Journey Room

journey room


Our wine journey room allows you to serve yourself any of our 44 delicious Australian wines; a mix of secret gems you won't find outside of their own wineries, alongside rare icons such as Penfold's Grange.

We serve all these wines in a taste, a half glass and a full glass.

How our Wine Journey Room works
When you arrive, you'll receive a Wine Odyssey Australia Card. It will run like a tab allowing you to try any wines you desire, and pay when you leave. This is your passport to Australian wine's finest destinations.

See a wine you'd like to taste?
Insert your Wine Odyssey Card, and you'll see the price of that particular wine: by the taste, the half-glass, or glass. You'll also see the balance you have left if you're using your card as a debit card. Or how much you've spent so far if you're running a tab.

State-of-the-art Pouring System keeps wine fresh
Place your glass under the spout, press the desired quantity and out comes your wine. How does the wine stay fresh? Through our state-of-the-art Italian Enomatic Wine Preservation and Pouring System.

Navigate with Wine Journey Cards
If you want to make the most of this opportunity, you might like to be guided by our Journey Cards are themed by wine varieties, regions and whatever else may take our Sommelier's fancy.  Each card navigates you on a different wine journey where you'll be directed to two, three or maybe even four wines that reveal a new story of discovery.

Wine Tasting Notes
The Journey Cards feature tasting notes that point out the differences in the wines. e.g. The Chardonnay card will guide you through tastings of Unoaked, French-oaked and American-oaked Chardonnay. You decide which style suits your taste.

Learn more about wine
The Journey Cards also feature stories that let you access another dimension in your wine appreciation. But if you want to really enhance your wine appreciation, you'll take in our Aroma Room and Tasting Theatre.


Savour your time in the Wine Odyssey Wine Journey Room. It undoubtedly offers Australia's finest wine tasting experience.